I’m Andrew Emerson, a designer.

I make things, most of which live on screens. Some of those screen-things can be seen below. Want to know more? Learn more about me. Want to have a chat? Email me.


Making taxes less taxing for today’s citizen

Before we went about redesigning Revenue.ie, we talked to about 90 people to figure out the problems they were having. They told us: 1) They couldn’t find the information they were looking for and 2) They couldn’t understand it if they did find it.

So we took the information architecture of the old site (about 15,000 pages), broke it apart, and put it back together again. The new structure is presented within topics that speak more directly to the average person, making things easier to find. The dense, difficult to understand information was never intended to be read on the web. So everything — hundreds of thousands of words — has been rewritten with the web in mind as well.

Bank of Ireland Private Banking

Onboarding people to the investment process

Bank of Ireland asked us to help improve the process of how their customers invest with them. Their existing process was too time consuming and relied on printed PowerPoint decks brought to face-to-face meetings. We wanted to modernise the process without removing the one on one interaction, which customers valued highly.

The iPad app we built is brought to in-person meetings — but it consolidates and streamlines the process of onboarding a new customer with the bank. It now takes only 3 meetings for a new customer to invest with the bank, down from an average of 6. The app also models investment portfolios in real time, allowing customers to experiment with different goals, time scales and risk attitudes during their meetings with the bank.

Epochs menswear

The cultural and the social history of menswear

Epochs.co was created when a group of friends (myself, Patrick, and Luke) decided to collaborate on an online feature about the history of nautical clothing. The feature was fun to create and was (coincidentally) a success, so we built the product out into the website seen today.