I’m Andrew Emerson, a designer.

I’m currently a ui/ux designer with the good folks at Deloitte Digital in Dublin.


Bank of Ireland Private Banking

Onboarding financial noobs to the investment process

Digital technology is moving the wealth management industry away from face-to-face contact. Bank of Ireland’s Private Banking team wanted to help their relationship managers interact with clients while maintaining face-to-face interaction; so we created an product that brings client and bank closer together.

MyAccount portal

If you have a job, you use this website

Irish citizens are accustomed to digital products and services from businesses, and now expect the same experience from government. In response to these expectations, Deloitte Digital worked with Revenue to deliver digital self-service for tax payers.

Epochs menswear

The cultural and the social history of menswear

Epochs.co was created when a group of friends (myself, Patrick, and Luke) decided to collaborate on an online feature about the history of nautical clothing. The feature was fun to create and was (coincidentally) a success, so we built the product out into the website seen today.